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Parker's Faves

~ Kim Harrison:  The Hollows ~ Urban Fantasy

  • If you haven't met Rachel Morgan, or the smart-mouthed pixy, Jenks, get yourself some Hollow's books now!

~ Jeaniene Frost: Night Huntress Series (Cat and Bones) ~ Urban Fantasy Romance

  • Cat's stories are full of action, passion, humor, and will keep you on the edge of your seat!

~ Cecy Robson:  Weird Girl's Series ~ Urban Fantasy Romance

  • The Weird Sister's kick ass!  The stories keep their momentum from start to finish and stock full of sexy scenes, magic, action, and will make you laugh out loud.  I love when a character can make fun of herself one second and turn into a bad-ass beast the next.
  • Cecy has been an inspiration to me over the last few years.  She is the newest of my faves and has come out with a bang writing nearly 5 books this year. 

~ Kelley Armstrong: Otherworld Series ~ Contemporary Fantasy

  • Bitten hooked me in and I have read every single book in this series.  I love how she spun off and focused on other characters in the world while also giving guest appearances by my faves.  
  • Bitten is now a series on Syfy.  It does diverge a bit from the books, but I love it!

Terry Brooks:  These are the first fantasy books I can remember reading.

  • The Landover series is awesome for YA genre loves to first get introduced to his books.
  • Word & Void are my favorites.  

~ Patrick Rothfuss:  The Kingkiller Chronicles ~ Epic Fantasy

  • The story of Kvothe is addicting.  Theses are powerful and tricky reads.  His use of science, music, & magic made me realize how much better my books can be when I utilize my science and psychology backgrounds.  

~ The Secret:  Rhonda Byrne ~ Self-Help & Spiritulaity

  • This book changed my outlook on life, my thoughts, & is one of the key players in my success as a writer.  The first 10 pages gave me such insight, hope, understanding, and motivation to go after my dream.  What's yours? What do you want?  Now make it yours!