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July 14th, 2017

Get ready for the cover reveal of Only: The Alex Conner Chronicles Book Three

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Eve of the Exceptionals: A Young Adult Fantasy Novel 

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When fate brings the young Prince Ryzyn and the rover girl Gem together, not only do their lives become forever entwined, their meeting also ignites the power within an ancient object—the Heart of Cyan. 

Join the incredible journey full of magical beings, terrifying and majestic creatures, and the two young hearts destined to save a kingdom.

The Official Book Trailer for Eve of the Exceptionals

The Alex Conner Chronicles

An ​Adult Urban Fantasy/Magical Realism Series

The Alex Conner Chronicles exude danger, lust, mystery, and magic-what more could a reader ask for? Dive into this thrilling new series packed with seriously wicked supernatural powers, to die for characters, and humor even in the darkest of places.  Get hooked on the Alex Conner Chronicles.  


The Alex Conner Chronicles

Book One

Alex Conner’s nights of event production and partying in San Diego, California have taken a turn for the worse as nightmares invade her mind on a daily basis. The memories of the vile man she exiled using the powers inherited from her mother and grandmother are all but breaking into her living hours, and nothing is working to keep her nightmares at bay.

Will Alex ultimately be the one responsible for bringing this horror back into her life?

Who can she trust and how is she to deal with the draw she has towards a new man in her life – a man who is definitely more than meets the eye?




Trust Reviews


Enjoy the Book Trailer for Trust


The Alex Conner Chronicles

Book Two



Now that Alex can no longer deny her heritage as an Earthen Protector, everything comes crashing down around her. Alex’s estranged mom has enlisted her help in finding Alex’s father; a man long presumed dead. While Alex trains with the Mistress of Weaponry and Potions, innocent people, some of whom she dearly loves, face unspeakable horrors. Alex and her small group of companions confront danger head on while they hunt down those responsible. 

Is her father really alive? Will Alex’s training be enough to defeat some powerful enemies? How will Alex handle her feelings for two men who have her torn and tempted? 

Join Alex on her next adventure and enjoy the mystery, humor, and passion in her second Chronicle- Truth.  


         Truth Reviews


The Book Trailer for Truth